Wheelchair adapted Spanish Villa with swimming pool hoist

Easy access disabled friendly swimming pool with hoist

Whatever your level of disability, you can relax at Villa Olivo in the brand new heated swimming pool.

Featuring the Metalu-B2 hydraulic lift, this excellent water powered hoist (lift) allows easy access to the pool for wheelchair users and people with impaired mobility.

This allows our disabled guests to enjoy safe and secure access to the swimming pool in this contemporary Spanish villa..

Key features

  • Pool hoist (for easy access)
  • Solar pool heating
  • Heated to 26° March to October
  • Wide steps down to pool
  • Lights
  • Solar pool cover
  • Shallow end 1m | Deep end 2m

Disabled holiday villa with easy access swimming pool hoist

Hydraulic swimming pool hoist

Hydraulic swimming pool hoist for wheelchair users

Swimming pool hoist for disabled people

Swimming pool hoist for disabled people

Pool solar heating

The pool is heated to 28° from March to October. We have installed solar pool heating to create a warm swimming environment for eight months of the year without the need of burning fossil fuels etc. You can be assured if you are holidaying in March, April, May, June, September or October of the water being as warm as if you were here in peak season in July and August. The swimming pool also features a solar cover which helps regulate the temperature and keeps debris out.

Swimming pool pictures (pre-garden installation)

The swimming pool is now filled and ready for guests. Here are some pictures of the pool before the creation of the surrounding garden area.

Swimming pool build in stages

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