Frequently asked questions

To make your holiday at Villa Olivo as trouble-free as possible we have put together these useful Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Is the villa just for disabled people?
A. No, definitely not. Villa Olivo is suitable for everyone. We welcome everyone at the villa, our special advantage is if you have a family member or friend who suffers from a disability, you can book a holiday knowing they will have first-class, accessible facilities and a worry-free experience.

Q. What time of year is best for me to go on holiday to the villa in Javea?
A. It is a matter of taste. If you are keen on very hot weather (30°-35°) then July and August are great months. The solar heated pool regulates the pool water temperature is heated to 26° from late March until late October. This allows guests to still enjoy the swimming pool outside of the primary season.

Q. What is the weather like in February and March?h
A. When I was last in Javea in February the temperature hit 21°. That is higher than the average. Typically you can expect the temperature to be vary from 15° to 22°. The climate is definitely a lot nicer and healthier than what we have in the UK.

Q. Is is possible to rent/hire a WAV?
A. Yes, please email us info [@] and we will send you details

Q. Is the swimming pool heated?
A. Yes, the swimming pool is heated using solar power which keeps it at a good swimmable temperature from April to October

Q. Is is possible to train around the villa on the roads?
A. The Spanish aren’t the greatest fans of pavements. That said, the roads close to the villa are much used by cyclists for training so I cannot see why the wheelchair would not tread the same path. The road down to Javea has a strong gradient, and that part I would avoid

Q. Can I rent mobility equipment when staying at the villa?
A. Yes, there are two companies that can help, they are and

Q. How far is the closest supermarket?
A. There is a large Consum supermarket within a three minute drive. See our shopping in Javea page.

Q. Are there any wheelchair-friendly restaurants close-by?
A. Yes, please see the page dedicated to wheelchair-friendly restaurants and tapas bars

Come and stay at the fantastic Villa Olivo

Q. Can I use my UK disabled persons blue badge in Spain?
A. Yes, the disabled persons blue-badge can be used in Spain and should be bought with you to allow you to park in allocated blue-disabled parking areas

Q. Can I park anywhere in Spain with no charge?
A. No, there are no concessions for disabled drivers on standard roadside parking, use a blue-marked bay to be sure

Q. Do you have any special kitchen utensils?
A. Yes, there are some at the villa, we recommend you bring any special adapted cutlery

Q. Are there towels?
A. Yes, there are hand towels, bath sheets as well as pool towels for you our guests to use.

Q. Is rubbish collected from the villa?
A. No, rubbish needs to be taken to the refuse point which is approx. 700 yards from the villa – it is recommended you use a car

Q. Is there WiFi?
A. Yes, there is WiFi in the villa

Q. Is there a specialist bed?
A. Yes, we have an electric profile bed (double) in the main bedroom

Q. Is there a specialist mattress on the main bed?
A. Yes, It is also fitted with a specialist mattress for people susceptible to pressure sores. The mattress incorporates an anatomical shape in the sacral area (increased thickness of viscoelastic foam), to increase the contact surface and contributing to the reduction of the maximum pressures. It provides at all times the correct thickness regardless of the position that the mattress is located. It has rounded corners.

The mattress includes air flow channels; channels between blocks, allow air circulation facilitating skin oxygenation. Integral polyurethane sheath.

Q. Can I smoke in the villa?
A. No, we operate a non-smoking policy and do not allow smoking in the villa

Q. Do you allow pets to stay at the villa?
A. No, we do not allow pets at the villa

Q. What is the weather like?
A. The weather in Javea is usually mild in winter months and very warm in summer, see detailed weather information

Q. Are there grab rails in the shower room?
A. Yes, grab rails are in place

Q. Does the swimming pool have a hoist?
A. Yes, the swimming pool has an easy to use pool hoist that allows people with mobility problems to access the pool safely, see our wheelchair adapted villas + pool hoist page

Q. Do you have directions to the villa?
A. Yes, we will send you full instructions at the time of final payment.

Q. Why are there no reviews of the villa on TripAdvisor?
A. The specialist nature of the property does not lend itself to being listed on TripAdvisor. The reviews of the villa from guests who have stayed is fantastic.

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